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Happy Home Watch of Sarasota believes in complete pricing transparency. There will never be a need for an estimate, as Happy Home Watch of Sarasota charges strictly by the hour. All services cost sixty dollars an hour with an hour minimum*.  After that, pricing is by the half hour. There is a $100 annual fee for each client that is applied to technology costs. Only Home Watch customers are eligible for the additional services offered.  Happy Home Watch of Sarasota is a small company and intends to stay so.  Each customer is the most important customer we have and we strive for the excellence you deserve.

Home Watch Inspections

 Closing and  Opening Your Home

Happy Home Watch will provide an overall visual inspection of your home, starting outside and working in. We make sure everything is working properly when you can't, from your a.c. to your pool pump. We look for leaks, pests, and mold.  There are many issues which can pop up at a moment's notice and we will be your fill-in and advocate to make sure your home is a happy one, waiting for your return.

Happy Home Watch will help you close up your home.  We will turn off the water, make sure the a.c. and humidistat are set properly, check all windows and doors, adjust the blinds, and help with a light clean if necessary. Coming home? Let us get your house happy and ready for you! We'll make sure everything is on and working properly for you. Easy peasy.

Vendor Access and Whatever Else You May Need

Happy Home Watch will go to your house to meet with your trusted repairman, accept an appliance delivery, or let anyone else into your home that you need when you aren't there. Have a package delivered? Were the trash cans left out? Want your fridge restocked before you come home? Just let Happy Home Watch know your wants and needs. Your wish is happily our command.

GPS Located Software Developed Specifically for Your Home

Click here for a video about the software:

*Meeting a service technician for access is forty dollars until the first half hour is met. After the first half hour, hourly rates apply. A quick stop to bring in a package, take trash cans in or out, or double check a vendor's lock up is $30.  Emergencies during business hours are $90 an hour and emergencies that fall outside of business hours are $120 an hour. After hour emergencies are the only time the client will be charged when the Happy Home Watch of Sarasota employee leaves their home. All other services begin when the employee reaches your home. Administrative time greater than 15 minutes (for example getting estimates/ checking on the availability of vendors over the phone) will be charged in 30 minute intervals.

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