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We provide home watch inspections of your unoccupied home, vendor access when you can't be there, and can open and close your home for an easy transition into and out of your home. Do you need our concierge services to make sure your fridge is stocked and there are fresh flowers out just waiting for your arrival? You bet you do!   Don't have much of a yard? Just need a little trimming here and there? Happy Home Watch of Sarasota also offers curb appeal maintenance. Our goal is for you to be amazed you ever got along without us.

       So, what exactly is a home watch inspection?  

Home Watch is a service that performs visual inspections of a home or property, looking for obvious issues. It's also known as a home check or property check.

   What does a home watch inspection do?


First, we do an outside perimeter sweep. We look at the roofline the whole way, making sure there are no obvious issues. We check the security of all your doors and windows. Are your yard and pool company doing a good job? Happy Home Watch of Sarasota will let you know!

Next, we do an inside perimeter sweep. First we check that the a.c. and humidity are both at acceptable levels. Your a.c. not working properly is one of the scariest things that can happen in Florida. Mold and water damage are the two biggest claims here. We check that your alarm system, smoke detectors, and filters are all still working. One of the big things Happy Home Watch does is to turn on the water when we get there. This allows us to flush the toilets and run all of the faucets, keeping drains from drying up and bugs moving in.  Speaking of bugs, we look for signs of rodent and insect infestation.  When we leave the water gets turned back off to help prevent water damage if there is a break.  

        What isn't a home watch inspection?

When people go out of town, they may think it's time for a house sitter.  A house sitter stays in the home, with all that might entail. While this might be the way to go for some, do you want someone else living in your house? If not, a home watch inspection service may be for you. 

Property management companies deal directly with rental prospects and tenants, marketing rentals, collecting rent, handling maintenance and repair issues, responding to tenant complaints, and pursuing evictions. If you need someone to help you rent out your house, you may want to look into property management. If you go out of town and need your house looked after, a home watch inspection service may be for you.  

Home inspections are generally done when a home is for sale. If you're not selling your home, a home watch inspection service may be for you.


Happy Home Watch of Sarasota will be happily here for you and your home when you can't.


If you're away from your Florida home the unknown is that little worred voice in the back of your brain. Is the a.c. working? Is there a leak in the roof? Has anyone broken in? Is my house ok after the storm?


What undiscovered damage could be waiting for you to get home, getting worse all the while? Home Watch is a service that performs visual inspections of a home or property, looking for obvious issues. 

Let Happy Home Watch of Sarasota take that worry off your mind. We use straight-forward pricing and a checklist that is developed specifically for your home, GPS mapped, then sent to you in real time. Happy Home Watch of Sarasota is insured, bonded, certified and accredited by the National Home Watch Association, and here for you.  

Any problems that are found will be promptly reported to you and Happy Home Watch of Sarasota will be here with you until it is resolved.  Whether you need someone to meet your trusted repairman or to help you coordinate with a new vender, let Happy Home Watch of Sarasota be your fill in and constant advocate.

Happy Home Watch will visit your home and give it the same care and attention we would our own home. We take our promise to be here for you and your home when you can't seriously. This allows you, as a homeowner, to protect your investment easily, safely, and inexpensively. 

Happy Home Watch of Sarasota currently serves  Sarasota out to the interstate and down through Gulfgate as well as Siesta Key. That includes Downtown Sarasosta, Arlington Park, Southgate and Gulfgate, Sarasota Springs, The Meadows, and Palmer Ranch.  We do not serve Lido or Longboat Key, Lakewood Ranch, Casey Key, Osprey, Nokomis, or Venice.

Zip Codes Serviced

 34231, 34232, 34233, 34234, 34235, 34236, 34237, 34242

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